Diamond Jubilee

Funds donated to MSA from the BIG Diamond Jubilee Party in Mursley

It seems a long time now since Mursley celebrated The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Monday 4th June. But we will all be able to remember the day forever and indeed watch our memories ‘grow and flourish’ as The Diamond Jubilee’s Team vision of creating a jubilee picnic spot at the recreation ground is now underway.

Fantastically the celebrations raised total funds of £5,183.31! This is pure profit after all the expenses were paid plus the Parish Council £2,000 initial loan (to enable the party to happen) was repaid in full. All the funds have been donated to the Mursley Sports Association’s New Pavilion Project to include the new jubilee picnic spot.

The 'jubilee picnic spot' will be for everyone in the village to freely enjoy. The sports ground and playing fields have always looked and felt a little 'bleak' and we will create a special place with the Parish Council’s Jubilee Oak Tree as the centrepiece. There will be a lovely copse of trees planted which will eventually grow into a wooded area - for everyone in the village to enjoy - for a picnic, small party or similar. We will buy a fixed BBQ and some engraved tables and benches for the new spot together with tree planting plaques and information for education. The area will be a lasting memory attributed to the funds raised by the villagers at the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

MSA are working on a planting design now and look forward to creating this very special place for the village.

A suitable case for the 'memories box' to be buried in the roots of the Jubilee Oak tree has been purchased and it is ready to be filled with goodies and memorabilia (planting date to be announced). Meanwhile there is a box behind the bar at the Green Man if you want to add a photo with your family name and a note on the back of it – please do, the more the merrier!

You will no doubt have noticed that the New Sports Pavilion building is well underway. Please buy a brick in the campaign. Visit http://mursleysports.wordpress.com to make your donation. One brick = £5 (minimum donation) Target = 3,000 bricks.

Mursley Diamond Jubilee Photo Gallery

After a year of planning, the work put in by Sandra Doherty and her team came to fruition on Monday 4th June 2012. Commencing at 2pm with the Grand Parade, led off by Joey, the War Horse, Mursley residents in various states of dress (and undress) proudly waved the banner for their particular section of this little community. Best Float was awarded to a worthy WI float which covered the 6 decades of Her Majesty's reign. Particular highlights after that was the loyal toast at 3pm offered by Mursley's own local hero, Lt. Colonel Lyndon Robinson; this was followed by the 'spectacular' Red barrows display, who gamely provided a dress rehearsal as well as the main event (and we are still picking up the confetti!). Throughout the afternoon more than 1000 people roamed the various stalls and fairground rides that had been laid on for them.

The evening proved no less successful as all ticket holders repaired to the big circus tent that awaited them in the garden of the Green Man, courtesy of the publican and his wife, Mr. & Mrs. Lyndon Broom, and particular thanks go to them. Proceedings kicked off in the open air with a charming display from 'One Man and his Dog - not to mention Geese! Followed up by a spectacular show from Gerard and his Devil's Horsemen. Inside the tent we found that Mursley's got talent indeed, performers both young and old raised the roof, and it was particularly pleasing to find one of Mursley's favourite residents, Trent Baker, back at the microphone in fine form after a tough few weeks. After a successful lighting of the beacon, and thanks to David Roberts for risking life limb and possibly hair in controlling the twin flares, it was back to the Big Top for a real treat as Cheryl Hawkin's beautiful voice soared above us in a wonderful rendition of patriotic favourites.

It has been a privilege to have been in Mursley at this special time and to have joined in with our own tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and thanks to everyone who contributed to making this event so successful.

Nearly 4,000 photos were submitted for consideration for the photo gallery and hopefully, those selected below show as many of the events from the day as possible. Thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to send in their photos. Can you spot your family and friends in amongst the crowds?

Hover over a photo to see a caption, click on the photo to see an enlargement. When enlarged, you can scroll through the photos to left and right by clicking on the arrows.