Parish Plan

Mursley Parish Plan was completed in 2007 and can be seen in the attached pdf. Everyone in the Parish received a hard copy at the time, but if you are new to the Parish, or would like another copy, please contact the Chairman, Barry Agnew on The information provided here gives a little insight into the background of the Parish Plan, as well as giving detail of the various focus groups etc. that have been set up to tackle the more imporatant issues, and bring people together with common interests.

So, please see the following attachments:

Parish Plan questionnaire - this is the document that everyone in the parish received in 2006

Final Results summaries:

These documents are saved as PDF files and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Main issues identified:

  • Traffic & Road Safety
  • Maintaining Village Atmosphere
  • Lack of Facilities
  • Information & Feedback needed for all ages
  • Types of Development, both inside & outside of the Village

We now need to take up these concerns, and, armed with the Parish Plan itself, make sure that agencies, both local, regional, national authorities and service agencies can take the aspirations of the Parish into account when considering how decisions they may make will affect the Parish, and whether those decisions are sympathetic to the views of our community. Indeed, those very agencies are obliged to take note of our views, and it is to be hoped that in the near future, when the law is due to change, they will be obliged to act on those views.

What we still need

Is feed back, so please submit your emails with comments on anything that you feel might be of interest or benefit, or with any questions you may have, or if you are interested in joining one of the Focus Groups. The email address is

Further reading:-

Design Statement

Focus Groups:- Focus Groups were formed following the results of the questionnaire where it was found that any particular issue was of interest to Parishioners. The purpose of a focus group is to explore the possibility of improving our quality of life and to concentrate the attention of those in authority on the matters of most importance to the Parish of Mursley in conjunction with the Parish Council.

Village Shop
Duck Pond &Green
Route 51

Pressure Groups:- Pressure Groups were formed to tackle particularly difficult and emotive subjects, and to increase lobbying on those in authority where the interests of the Parishioners are apparently being ignored, or where previous efforts have failed.

Speeding Devices
Water Tower

Steering Group