Mursley Preservation Society

Contact Details:

Jackie Driss Laurent
Tel: 720979

Main objectives/activities of the organization:

Mursley Preservation Society ("MPS") was formed by local residents in September 2016. Initially it was set up to stand up to and prevent inappropriate mass development. The MPS committee would like to see managed change, with development that will allow the village to grow and flourish in the future without losing its character and identity.

If you care about Mursley let us know your opinions by coming along to one of our meetings. MPS Meetings are open to everyone. The larger our membership the more beneficial we will be to the village by representing residents’ views more comprehensively.

• MPS wants to hear everyone’s views about preserving and improving the village, its amenities and rural surroundings.

• MPS Facebook page is open to all Mursley residents. Just send a request to join.

Who we are:

During our first meeting, the following people were elected:

Chair – Simon West
Treasurer – Paul Wilson
Secretary – Jackie Driss Laurent


Details of meetings can be found on the Parish Council notice board, in Open Gates (print run permitting) and on our Facebook page: