Mursley Players – Past Shows

Since our first Show, organised by John, in 1979, we have tackled the eras of every monarch from Victoria to our present Queen and the whole world geographically. Whether a Victorian musical or a salute to the Oscars or our one attempt at a pantomime, the Players’ aim is always to combine our enjoyment of participating in the Shows with providing the audience with light hearted entertainment and the various charities with well deserved funds.

Below is a list of our Shows and 2013 saw our 25th production, with more than 50 taking part and, as usual, a sell out audience of 140 each night. Many in the audience may find comfort in the fact that each new production is similar to the others but, with the improvements made over the years to our stage lighting, the sound, props and scenery, not to mention increasing the number of rehearsals, we like to think that the productions have improved since the early days.

Several Players have been members for decades but each Show produces new recruits and neither age nor talent (or lack of it) is a bar to joining us, whether on stage or behind the scenes.

We will be having a break this year but if you are interested in joining us for our 2015 production, please let me know.

Barbara Williamson

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