Pre-School Learning Group

Tel: 720305

The Pre-School Learning Group is a facility for small groups of children aged 2-5 years. Ofsted & Social Services registered

Open Monday to Friday mornings and afternoons. Lunchtime clubs available. Competitive rates and childcare vouchers accepted.

To arrange a visit, please contact the school Head on 720305.

Venue: Mursley Baptist Hall

Church of England School

Mursley Church of England School is located at the centre of the village and provides a safe and stimulating environment for the education of young children from Mursley and surrounding areas.  The school works in collaboration with two other schools in the neighbouring villages of Drayton Parslow and Swanbourne.  The sites at Mursley and Drayton Parslow offer education for Infants from 4 years of age and the site at Swanbourne offers education for Juniors from the age of 7, with plans to extend its age range to 11.

The schools aim is to provide a stimulating environment in which children can follow interests and develop skills and knowledge that will help them participate fully in their future lives. The schools offer small class sizes and a high adult to child ratio that ensures individual attention for all our children.

The school provides a sense of security through clearly stated expectations of work and behaviour; an environment that is organised, comfortable and structured and an atmosphere that is caring and considerate. Learning should be relevant to children's experiences and interests whilst broadening their knowledge and providing challenges.

To this end the school's curriculum helps children to:

  • develop lively and enquiring minds;
  • learn to ask questions and express their opinions;
  • apply themselves to intellectual and physical tasks;
  • acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to life in a changing and challenging world;
  • become literate, numerate and articulate.;
  • develop moral and spiritual values;
  • understand and respect the cultures and religions of other ethnic groups;
  • gain knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live;

All curriculum areas are in accordance with the National Curriculum, Early Learning Goals and agreed school and L.E.A. policies.

It is recognised that children develop at different rates and that their needs can vary as they progress through the school. Within a small school environment, we have the flexibility to accommodate all abilities and progress is constantly reviewed to ensure that children are working at an appropriate level for their stage of development.

The three schools offer a wide range of extended services including, sports and many after school clubs.  The schools own and operate mini-buses that allow children from the three schools to participate in joint activities.  The schools also offer hot school meals.

The friends of the school are a group of parents and others who aim to support us and enhance the school life of the children through fundraising and events.

The three schools are governed by parents and members of the local community who actively work to maintain and enhance the high standards and extensive range of services offered by this unique and popular partnership.

If you would like more information about Mursley Church of England School or if you are interested in working with the friend of the schools or participating as a governor of the school, please visit our web site where you will find more information and contact details.